The Film Process
Most don't know where to start or what goes into each project. It might seem simple or it might seem difficult, but overall there is always a healthy amount of time invested into any type of video production.




Getting a vision for the project is important. That way, each project isn't just a guess and doesn't leave us flying by the seat of our pants. Once that vision is created and discovered, it is much easier to create a masterpiece. The most important part of the production is how it all comes together. The vision we identified needs to come to life at this moment. Every bit of detail is important in capturing each vision. I make sure to keep the atmosphere positive and fun, while maintaining a professional mentality behind my work. Editing, where most film makers spend most their time. It is very time consuming. Using the Adobe Suite, I carefully construct the film with detail, emotion and precision. This after all will be the finished product. This is the reflection of all your hard work.

People often say I have so much energy, that I never stop; but that's what it takes to accomplish your goals.

 -Curtis Jackson

Every single project is unique. I strive to make every vision possible, and as easy flowing as achievable.


Let me help accomplish your goals, cover your events, follow your story, capture your exploration, record your memories. I will leave you will a film that keeps you smiling as you reflect on your video, forever.

Who iam

I have been enthralled by videography as long as I can remember. Since I was a little kid with a VHS camera, I was making mock commercials with my brother. That graduated into being in stage production through Jr. High, the KOLT news broadcast team in High School, and working for a full scale videography company specializing in aerial cinematography. Throughout this journey I have worked with many varieties of local and national companies all over the U.S.

Proud father, husband and Pomeranian owner.

Somehow I convinced this gorgeous woman to be my wife, and it's been the greatest blessing of my life. She keeps our family adventurous and loves to travel.

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TESTIMONIALS "Amazing, and very professional - always had us laughing." "Garydee Films worked hard, and fast to put together a high quality project for us. Garrett personally had a great eye and amazing talent putting together a story. His fun personality made the whole project a blast and there was never a dull moment." "The best you will find, no weak points. Fun interaction and captured every moment we wanted." "Garydee Films did a wonderful job conveying the message we envisioned. Really created emotion and brought the story to life. The video was fantastic, well priced, and timely. Really great at helping our subjects feel relaxed and natural, all around a fun experience." "You aren't just getting a videographer, you're getting someone that will genuinely make you smile and laugh. He brings a great vibe to any shoot." "Extremely personable, and makes you feel comfortable while shooting such intimate moments of your life. One of a kind. Very attentive to detail and captures the little moments you wouldn't expect to be the most cherished."


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